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Why I chose Real Estate. An exclusive video behind the scenes and into my life. #TheSaretskyShow

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The Canadian Economy

Steve Saretsky -

New Vancouver Housing Group Pushing For Change In this episode of #TheSaretskyShow Steve interviews Justin Fung. Justin is one of the members of the new housing activist group called HALT (Housing Action For Local Taxpayers) HALT is a group comprised of local citizens who are lobbying for changes within the...

Steve Saretsky -

QIIP Adding Fuel to Vancouver Housing Crisis In this episode of #TheSaretsky Show Ian Young a well respected journalist for the South China Morning Post and author of the popular Hongcouver blog discusses the Quebec Immigrant Investors program. Ian believes the program, which basically involves selling Canadian passports is not...

Steve Saretsky -

Adrian Crook the author of the popular blog 5 Kids 1 Condo sits down with Steve Saretsky In this episode of #TheSaretskyShow Adrian Crook author of 5 kids 1 condo shares a little behind the scenes of his unconventional way of living. Adrian has made headlines all over Vancouver for...

Steve Saretsky -

In this episode of The Saretsky Show Steve sits down with Vancouver housing expert Tom Davidoff. Tom is considered the expert on housing and has been highly sought after for his opinions on the subject. I was fortunate enough to sit down with him and share his insights with you....

Steve Saretsky -

In this episode of The Saretsky Show Steve sits down with the MLA of Vancouver Point Grey David Eby. David Eby discusses Vancouver housing crisis and offers some very strong insight. You will gain a ton of knowledge from this episode. David discusses the issues with Vancouver real estate, foreign...

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