The Saretsky Report. May 2021

Steve Saretsky -

Let me paint a picture for you. Last May, at the onset of the pandemic, economic and housing activity completely shuts down. The world goes into panic mode. In an effort to prevent an economic depression and a wave of defaults, the government along with the central bank, decide to essentially print money and hand it out to anyone who needs it. When the economy begins to re-open in June/July and with people still largely constrained to staying home, people decide they need more space and or a change of scenery. What ensues is an unprecedented migration, people start moving, and why not? Life is short, money is cheap and the banks are happy to lend. A national housing boom gripes the nation, home prices accelerate at their fastest clip ever.


Steve is a regular speaker at industry events, hosts an online video series ‘The Saretsky Show’, and authors the popular “Saretsky Report” which is read by over 7000 subscribers.

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