Financial Markets Just Broke & The Economy Is Next – The Loonie Hour #051

Steve Saretsky -

Financial Markets Just Broke & The Economy Is Next – The Loonie Hour #051 Turmoil in the UK as surging interest rates nearly collapsed the entire pension system. The Bank of England is now doing QE with double digit inflation. Pressure is mounting on the Fed but there is no imminent pivot. Canadian GDP remains flat despite record immigration growth, human stimulus is masking a recession.Listen to The Loonie Hour on your favourite podcast platform: Listen to The Loonie Hour on your favourite podcast platform: The Loonie Hour on Spotify:… The Loonie Hour on Apple Podcasts:… The Loonie Hour Website: Sign up for Shakepay with the promo code: LOONIEHOUR, and you’ll receive $30 after you buy your first $100 worth of bitcoin.

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The Canadian Economy

Mohit Chawla -

Home sales are bouncing back to life across Canada. Calgary Real Estate prices hit new record highs. The banking crisis is far from over as contagion risks start to spread. The Fed hikes rates another 25bps but a pause appears likely. Markets are calling for rate cuts as soon as this...

Mohit Chawla -

The housing market continues to turn higher, yet wages are actually rolling over. Latest data shows wage growth is now sharply negative in real terms. Banking issues in the US have not gone away. The Bank of Canada is fully expecting a recession. CN Rail says the recession is already...

Mohit Chawla -

Headline inflation falls to 4.2% in March. National house prices are back on the rise with housing starts still falling. Government employees striking across the nation as the cost of living crisis persists, potentially entrenching higher wage inflation. Former head of the Conservative Party Erin O’Toole joins the show.

Mohit Chawla -

The Bank of Canada kept interest rates on hold while raising GDP growth forecasts. Meanwhile, land loans to developers have completely evaporated, sowing the seeds for a supply crunch years down the road. CPI in the US eases but core inflation is proving to be sticky. Warren Buffett takes a surprise...

Steve Saretsky -

Sweeping policy changes are coming on the housing supply front in Vancouver. Meanwhile, TD Bank has become the worlds most shorted bank stock, facing $3.7B of short interest. Is this the end of the US Dollar? Dutch Farmers Revolt ! 

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